Crkt Obake

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Are you in the market for a unique addition to your knife collection? Look no further than the CRKT Obake, a captivating blend of form and function. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery, exploring the features and benefits of this distinctive knife. Let’s dive in and uncover what makes the CRKT Obake a must-have for any avid collector.

The Top 18 Best Crkt Obake

  1. CRKT Lucas Burnley Obake Knife: Versatile & Elegant Clip Point Design — Versatile and durable, the CRKT Lucas Burnley Obake Knife excels with its grippy handle, eye-catching blade etching, and multiple carry options from the talented designer, Lucas Burnley, in Bend, Oregon.
  2. KA-BAR Cutlass Plain Edge Machete for Tough Jobs — Unleash the power of the outdoors with the KA-BAR Cutlass Machete, featuring a durable 1085 carbon steel blade, ergonomic Kraton G handle, and rugged leather & Cordura sheath, all designed for unmatched cutting performance and portability.
  3. CRKT Chogan Mattock Sheath for Versatile Outdoor Use — Experience the confidence of having the right tool at your outdoor fingertips with the CRKT Chogan Mattock Sheath — D2738, backed by 30 years of continuous innovation and exploration.
  4. High Performance Survival Machete by CRKT — The CRKT Chanceinhell Machete combines comfort, functionality, and durability, making it the ultimate survival survival tool for avid adventurers.
  5. Condor Parang Machete: High Carbon Steel, Full-Tang Blade with Quillon Handle and Nylon Sheath — The Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete, featuring a sturdy high carbon steel blade, natural finish, and comfortable high impact polypropylene handle, is perfect for your outdoor adventures with its rugged nylon sheath.
  6. Condor El Salvador Machete with Leather Sheath — Quality, Epoxy-Coated 1075 High Carbon Steel — Experience the durability and elegance of the Condor El Salvador Machete, inspired by El Salvador’s agricultural strength, featuring a high-carbon steel blade and a walnut handle with a leather sheath.
  7. Condor Mini Duku Parang Machete: Durable, Versatile, and Versatile for Various Adventures — The Mini Duku Parang Machete, designed by Joe Flowers, boasts a 1075 high carbon steel blade, natural finish, and hand-polished edges for sharpness, making it a versatile and durable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
  8. CRKT Obake Jungle Parang Machete with Full Tang and Leather Belt Sheath — The Fox 694 Jungle Parang Machete, measuring 17 inches, boasts a 10.63 inch black PTFE coated stainless steel blade, a black FRN handle, and a full-tang design, perfect for jungle survival.
  9. CRKT Rustic Bill Hook Machete with Carbon Steel Blade and Leather Sheath — The Rustic Bill Hook Machete, featuring a unique bill hook style blade, is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s collection with its full tang construction, rustic finish, and convenient black leather sheath.
  10. Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete: High Carbon Steel Blade, Walnut Handle, and Leather Sheath — The Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete, featuring a 14in 1075 high carbon steel blade with an epoxy black powder finish, offers a durable and versatile experience, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  11. OLFA Touch Knife, Multi-Purpose Design — The Olfa Touch Knife TK-4Y Model 9535 in Yellow offers a versatile pocket-sized solution for arts, graphics, crafts, and hobbies, with a stainless steel blade, lock, and hanging hole for added convenience.
  12. Hammered Steel Fixed Blade Machete with Eco Wood Handle and Black Nylon Sheath — The MYPPRK12 Parang Fixed Blade Machete, featuring a 12-inch hammered 5160 carbon steel blade and a renewable eco wood handle, is an ideal, environmentally conscious tool for all your outdoor cutting needs.
  13. OLFA PK-1 Disposable Bag Cutter for Quick, Easy Opening — The OLFA PK-1 Disposable Bag Cutter makes bag opening a breeze, with a compact and disposable design featuring a durable stainless-steel blade for ultimate safety.
  14. Black Full-Tang Outdoor Machete with Sheath — Upgrade your outdoor tool collection with the sleek, reliable, and versatile 25" Black Full-Tang Cyber Outdoor Machete with Sheath — the perfect combination of function and style!
  15. Tempered Steel Machete with Heat Treated Flexibility — The Corona 22" ErgoHandle Tempered Steel Machete offers a highly efficient blade, heat-treated for flexibility and easily resharpened, making it a durable and reliable outdoor tool.
  16. Condor Village Parang Machete: Durable, High-Quality Survival Tool — The Condor Village Parang Machete, crafted from El Salvador, boasts a 12-inch 5mm-1075 high carbon steel blade, providing top-notch durability and ease of use, combined with an attractive walnut hardwood handle and a stylish leather brown sheath.
  17. 120 Machete with Renewable Eco Wood Handle — Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the MYPGLK120 My Parang Golok 120 Machete, featuring a renewable eco wood handle and 11" hammered finish 5160 carbon steel blade, all while being made in Malaysia.
  18. MYPGLK135 My Parang Golok 135 Machete — 18.75" Blade, 5160 Carbon Steel, Copper Bolster, Nylon Sheath — MYPGLK135, a 135 Machete with a 5160 carbon steel blade, one-piece wood handle, and a black nylon belt sheath offering excellent performance and durability for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

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🔗CRKT Lucas Burnley Obake Knife: Versatile & Elegant Clip Point Design


I’ve been using the CRKT Lucas Burnley Obake Knife in my daily life, and I must say, it’s a game-chord for me. The Damascus-like visual effect on the blade is visually appealing and certainly adds a bit of flair to the whole design. However, the plain edge on the knife felt a little harsh, and I had to be extra careful when handling it, especially considering how sharp it is.

One feature that stood out to me was the versatile sheath. It comes with a belt carry system that attaches to the sheath, making it easier to carry the knife around. Plus, the kydex-type material of the sheath feels sturdy and secure, ensuring your knife stays in place when it’s not in use.

However, there is one downside: the black faux ray skin handle is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. It’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice if it had fewer fingerprints on it. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this knife, and it has definitely made my daily tasks a bit more manageable.

🔗KA-BAR Cutlass Plain Edge Machete for Tough Jobs


As a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, I often found myself in need of a versatile tool for tackling various tasks. That’s where the KA-BAR Cutlass Machete came into play. This large-scale knife truly is a game-changer when it comes to clearing trails and campsites.

The 27.94 cm overall length of this machete gave me ample reach for those hard-to-reach branches and shrubs. The 41.91 cm blade, made from durable 1085 carbon steel, held up incredibly well against the rigors of the great outdoors, providing a reliable cutting edge that didn’t let me down.

What really sets this machete apart, however, is its ergonomic handle. The non-slip Kraton G material provided excellent grip and control, allowing me to put more power into my cuts. Alongside its black finish, the lanyard hole, and the leather & Cordura sheath, the KA-BAR Cutlass Machete became an essential part of my outdoor arsenal.

In my experience, this machete truly lived up to its reputation as a trustworthy and dependable tool. While some users have encountered minor issues with the blade’s finish, I never experienced any problems myself. The weighted front and compact design also made it a perfect addition to my backpack or UTV.

If you’re looking for a reliable, versatile tool that can handle almost any job the great outdoors throws at you, the KA-BAR Cutlass Machete should definitely be on your radar.

🔗CRKT Chogan Mattock Sheath for Versatile Outdoor Use


The CRKT Chogan Mattock Sheath, a reliable partner for outdoor enthusiasts, offers confidence with its sturdy construction. For years, CRKT has been pushing the boundaries of innovation, and this product embodies their relentless pursuit.

Made in Taiwan, this sheath includes a pamphlet for further guidance and is hand-powered. It measures 6.63 x 1.98 x 0.73 inches, making it a convenient size for your adventures. With the CRKT Chogan Mattock Sheath, you’ll be ready for anything the great outdoors throws your way.

🔗High Performance Survival Machete by CRKT


There’s a machete that’s perfectly designed for its intended purpose, and it’s the CRKT Chanceinhell. I tested it out on a camping trip and it performed flawlessly-like a trusted member of my survival kit. With a thick, carbon steel blade and a black powder coat finish that’s durable in extreme environments, it’s built for tough use.

The blade is long enough for almost any task, but it’s shorter than typical Latin models, which makes it more packable and easier to handle. The handle is ergonomic and features a rubber-textured grip that makes every swing more comfortable. The sheath it comes with is just as tough as the machete itself, protecting it well when it’s not in use.

However, there was one issue I faced. The handle rivets for the cordage were not well-secured, which caused some plastic to gunk up the holes. But this didn’t affect the blade’s performance or usability. Overall, the CRKT Chanceinhell machete is a reliable and sturdy tool for any outdoor enthusiast or survivalist.

🔗Condor Parang Machete: High Carbon Steel, Full-Tang Blade with Quillon Handle and Nylon Sheath


The Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete has been a game-changer for my outdoor adventures. The thick 1075 high carbon blade, with its natural finish and sharp satin grind, handles any chopping task with ease. The high impact polypropylene handle is comfortable to hold, and the heavy-duty nylon sheath for storage is a nice touch.

While the machete is a bit heavy, it balances out with its sturdy construction. Overall, this powerful and durable tool is a must-have for anyone venturing into the wilderness.

🔗Condor El Salvador Machete with Leather Sheath — Quality, Epoxy-Coated 1075 High Carbon Steel


As I ventured into the lush, tropical landscape, I had the Condor El Salvador Machete at my side, eager to tackle the dense foliage. The machete’s epoxy black powder coating gleamed in the sunlight, adding a touch of sophistication to its rugged design. The 1075 high carbon steel retained its elastic properties, with an excellent edge that easily cut through branches and vines.

The high impact polypropylene walnut handle provided a comfortable grip, even during my sweatiest moments. The sheath, made of rich leather, protected the machete when not in use. The long blade of 18.01 inches and an overall length of 23.09 inches ensured I could tackle any task with ease. The flat blade grind was another highlight, as it made the machete more versatile and perfect for carving wood or shaping firewood.

Despite its robustness, the machete was surprisingly light, thanks to the handle material. This made it less tiring to carry for extended periods, even with the 23.125-inch overall length. However, the walnut handle, while beautiful, could be more water-resistant to protect against moisture damage.

Overall, the Condor El Salvador Machete was a trusty companion in my outdoor adventures, proving itself to be an exceptional tool for any hardworking El Salvadoran.

🔗Condor Mini Duku Parang Machete: Durable, Versatile, and Versatile for Various Adventures


I’ve been using the Condor Mini Duku Parang Machete in my outdoor adventures, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. The full tang 10.5" 1075 high carbon steel blade is a beast, and it’s hand-finished to razor sharpness. The natural finish on the blade gives it an earthy feel that I just love. The hardwood handle is made from Central American woods, reminiscent of Hickory, and it feels super comfortable in my hand. The welted leather sheath is a perfect fit and adds some durability to the package.

Now, I did notice a few downsides. The blade had a couple of dents that were filled with weld and ground over flat. It’s not the best finish, but it’s not the end of the world. I also found the grinding wheels in the factory to be a bit rough, but that’s easily remedied with some fine sanding.

Overall, the Condor Mini Duku Parang Machete is a top-notch tool for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s a little smaller than some other options, but that makes it more versatile and easier to carry around. Just be prepared to put in a bit of extra work to get it up to your own standards. If you’re looking for a reliable chopper to handle wood and clear shrubs, this is the one for you.

🔗CRKT Obake Jungle Parang Machete with Full Tang and Leather Belt Sheath


I recently had the opportunity to test out the Fox 694 Jungle Parang Machete, and let me tell you, it’s a sturdy and versatile tool. With an overall length of 17 inches, it’s not too large or too small, making it perfect for various tasks in the great outdoors. The 10.63-inch black PTFE-coated 1.4116 stainless blade is a standout feature, providing excellent corrosion resistance and a sharp edge that holds up well.

The black FRN handle offers a comfortable grip, but I must admit, it could be a bit slippery at times. However, the full tang and lashing holes are a thoughtful touch, enabling you to secure the machete to your belt or pack for easy transportation. While the lanyard hole is a nice addition for securing a wrist lanyard, I found the black leather belt sheath to be a somewhat lackluster accessory; it felt a little flimsy and could have been of better quality.

Overall, the Fox 694 Jungle Parang Machete is a practical and reliable tool for any outdoor enthusiast, but there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to its handle and sheath.

🔗CRKT Rustic Bill Hook Machete with Carbon Steel Blade and Leather Sheath


The Rustic Bill Hook Machete is a unique addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal or blade collection. With its carbon steel construction and bill hook style blade, this machete offers a distinctive design that stands out. The straight wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, while the pins securing the wood ensure it stays in place. The black leather sheath comes with multiple snaps, keeping the machete secure when not in use.

Using this machete has been a delightful experience so far. Its rustic finish not only adds character but also serves as a testament to its durability. The machete proved to be a reliable tool when I accidentally ran it over on my riding lawn mower, showing it can withstand some unexpected impact. The full tang design of the machete provides confidence in its strength and longevity. However, one drawback I’ve noticed is the shorter handle length, which can make chopping or using the hook for pruning more challenging.

Overall, the Rustic Bill Hook Machete is a great choice for those who appreciate its unique design and the performance it offers. Despite its minor drawbacks, the machete has proven to be a reliable and long-lasting tool in my outdoor adventures.

🔗Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete: High Carbon Steel Blade, Walnut Handle, and Leather Sheath


I recently had the pleasure of using the Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete in my daily adventures, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. This machete boasts a history that dates back to 1787 with its origin in Solingen, Germany, where the Gerb Weyesburg Company was founded. The brand has continued to produce high-quality tools through the years, and my experience with the Golok Machete is no exception.

One of the standout features of this machete is its 1075 high carbon steel blade, epoxy black powder-coated for durability and a sleek look. The blade measures 14 inches in length, providing ample cutting power and versatility. The handle is made of walnut, adding both style and comfort to the machete, and it’s combined with a 100% leather sheath that swivels for easy storage and quick deployment.

Despite its impressive features, the Golok Machete isn’t without its flaws. It can feel a bit heavy, especially near the handle, which may not be ideal for all users. Additionally, some customers have reported difficulty fitting the sheath and blade together, which can be inconvenient.

Overall, the Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete has proven to be a reliable and high-quality tool in my hands. While there are a few minor issues to address, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. If you’re in the market for a durable and versatile machete, this one is definitely worth considering.

🔗OLFA Touch Knife, Multi-Purpose Design


Imagine walking around during the day with a handy little tool that could fit conveniently in your pocket or attached to your keychain. This isn’t just any ordinary tool — it’s the Olfa Touch Knife TK-4Y Model 9535, a versatile little powerhouse that comes in a cute, compact package.

This vibrant yellow knife might look small, but it’s a game-changer when it comes to opening packages, cutting things, or even making those tiny adjustments around the house. The stainless steel blade is incredibly sharp, and the lock provides extra safety.

But there’s something else about this knife that really sets it apart — it just fits so perfectly in your life. Whether it’s hanging out with you in your purse, hanging on the door to your glove compartment, or hiding away in your desk drawer ready and waiting for its next task. You’ll find yourself reaching for it time and again, and when you’ve misplaced it, you’ll miss it so much!

This little knife is perfect for arts and crafts enthusiasts, graphic designers, and anyone who just needs a handy assistant. Plus, these knives are lightweight, making them ideal for those of us who prefer carrying the bare minimum.

When you try these knives out, you’ll find yourself hooked. Their durability, sharpness, and ease of use combine to create a tool that’s more than just a handy gadget — it’s a true companion. And the happy reviews speak for themselves, don’t they? So the next time you’re on a shopping spree, keep an eye out for this little knife with a big personality — the Olfa Touch Knife TK-4Y Model 9535.

🔗Hammered Steel Fixed Blade Machete with Eco Wood Handle and Black Nylon Sheath


I’ve been using the MYPPRK12 Parang Fixed Blade Machete in my daily life and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. The 18.75-inch overall length, with a 12-inch hammered finish 5160 carbon steel blade, does an excellent job in various tasks.

One of the standout features for me was the renewable eco-wood handle. It’s both visually appealing and environmentally conscious. However, I found the copper bolster to be quite heavy, making it a bit more difficult to maneuver at times.

I also appreciate the black nylon belt sheath that comes with the product. It protects the blade when not in use and makes storage a breeze. There’s no listing of specific features in the highlights, yet the simplicity of design and function have been winning points for me. However, I would have preferred a more lightweight option in the copper bolster.

Overall, the MYPPRK12 Parang Fixed Blade Machete has made a significant impact in my daily activities. It’s a robust tool with unique design elements that make it stand out in the market.

🔗OLFA PK-1 Disposable Bag Cutter for Quick, Easy Opening


I’ve found the OLFA PK-1 Disposable Bag Cutter to be a lifesaver in my daily life, especially when it comes to cutting plastic bags and other packaging materials. The compact design makes it easy to hold and maneuver, while the stainless-steel blade ensures a clean cut every time. However, one downside is that the blades are not reusable, which can be inconvenient for those who go through a lot of bags daily.

Overall, the OLFA PK-1 is a reliable and practical tool for any household or office environment.

🔗Black Full-Tang Outdoor Machete with Sheath


I was thrilled to try out the Cyber Outdoor Machete for my outdoor adventures. With its impressive 18-inch stainless steel blade, I was confident it would tackle any task in the great outdoors. The black finish not only looked sleek but also provided durability against the elements.

The textured ABS handle offered a comfortable grip, allowing me to wield it with ease. The lanyard hole and glass breaker were added features that I found particularly useful for safety purposes. However, the shoulder strap could have been more adjustable to accommodate different body types.

Overall, the Cyber Outdoor Machete proved to be a reliable and efficient tool for my outdoor excursions. The extended tang, shoulder strap, and black nylon belt sheath were thoughtful design elements that enhanced its functionality and convenience.

🔗Tempered Steel Machete with Heat Treated Flexibility


I recently had the chance to try out the Corona 22 in. ErgoHandle Tempered Steel Machete, and I must say, it has made a significant difference in my machete-using experience. The first thing that caught my attention was the handle; it felt incredibly ergonomic, providing a comfortable grip that just felt right.

One feature of this machete that stood out to me was the tempered-steel blade. Not only did it feel strong and sturdy, but it maintained its sharpness for a long time, making it perfect for my daily brush-clearing tasks. The heat treatment on the blade also added an extra level of flexibility, allowing me to make more precise cuts without having to worry about the blade breaking.

However, one thing that did catch me off guard was how easily the blade would lose its sharpness. After just a few uses, I found myself needing to resharpen the blade more often than I would have liked. Additionally, the machete could have come with a sheath at its price point, as it felt like a bit of an afterthought.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Corona 22 in. ErgoHandle Tempered Steel Machete proved to be a reliable and effective tool for my brush-clearing needs. The comfortable grip, strong and flexible blade, and durable construction make it a solid choice for anyone in the market for a new machete.

🔗Condor Village Parang Machete: Durable, High-Quality Survival Tool


Welcome to my review of the Condor Village Parang Machete. After putting this versatile tool to the test in my daily life, I must say, it was a game-changer for me!

The high-quality materials used in the construction of this Machete truly shine in the field. I found the 12-inch blade made of 5mm-1075 high carbon steel to be the perfect balance of sharpness and durability. The Condor classic blade finish adds a touch of elegance without compromising its performance.

However, the handle of the Machete does have a minor drawback. It has a hardwood handle that feels comfortable to grip, but I did notice a slightly rough patch on mine. I simply smoothed it out with a bit of sandpaper, but it would be great if the manufacturer could improve the quality of the raw material.

As for the leather brown sheath, while it provides excellent protection when the machete is not in use, I found it a touch impractical when it comes to pulling the machete out for daily use. It felt a bit stiff, and I wish it were made of a slightly more flexible material.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Condor Village Parang Machete for those in search of a reliable and versatile outdoor tool. With proper care, this machete can be a trusty companion for all your cutting needs. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem in the world of survival gear!

🔗120 Machete with Renewable Eco Wood Handle


The MYPGLK120 My Parang Golok 120 Machete is a surprisingly versatile and well-built tool. I found its 17.75'’ overall length to be the perfect balance between functionality and portability. The 11'’ hammered finish 5160 carbon steel blade proved to be quite sturdy, slicing through various materials smoothly without dulling.

The copper bolster was also a nice touch, providing a good grip and adding a touch of style to the weapon. The handle, made from renewable eco wood, felt comfortable and secure in my hand. I also liked the black nylon belt sheath it came with, making it easy to store and transport. It’s noteworthy that this machete is made in Malaysia, which adds a sense of pride and cultural significance to the product.

However, one downside I encountered was that the sharpness of the blade could have been improved. It took quite a bit of sharpening to get it to its peak performance. Another minor concern was the black nylon sheath, which seemed a bit too simple and flimsy for the product’s price point.

Overall, the MYPGLK120 My Parang Golok 120 Machete delivered a solid performance and stood out with its unique style and eco-friendly materials. Despite some minor drawbacks, it’s clear that this machete could be the reliable accompaniment many adventurers would appreciate.

🔗MYPGLK135 My Parang Golok 135 Machete — 18.75" Blade, 5160 Carbon Steel, Copper Bolster, Nylon Sheath


I recently had the chance to try out the MYPGLK135 machete, also known as the “Parang Golok 135 Machete. “ I must admit, I was initially intrigued by the size — it’s quite a hefty tool, measuring in at 18 3/4” overall.

The 12" 5160 carbon steel blade is something that stood out to me immediately. It’s robust and solid, which made me confident in its ability to handle the various tasks I was planning to put it to use for.

However, something that didn’t quite meet my expectations was the handle. While it’s made of a single piece of wood, I found it a bit awkward to grip, especially after a while. It could be that getting used to it takes time, though.

But what really won me over was the inclusion of a black nylon belt sheath with MOLLE webbing. It made it easy to carry around, even when I was on the go.

In conclusion, the MYPGLK135 machete may not be perfect, but it’s a solid choice for those looking for a versatile and durable tool to help them with their outdoor exploits.

Buyer’s Guide

Designing a functional and visually appealing pocket knife can be a challenge. CRKT, or Columbia River Knife and Tool, has made an effort to solve this problem by introducing the Obake pocket knife. The Obake is a sleek and modern knife designed for everyday use, boasting various appealing features that set it apart from other pocket knives. In this buyer’s guide, we will explore the essential features, considerations, and advice for those interested in purchasing a CRKT Obake pocket knife.


Design and Aesthetic

One of the most distinctive aspects of the CRKT Obake pocket knife is its sleek and visually appealing design. The knife takes inspiration from Japanese culture, with a curved and unique blade made from VG-10 steel. This material offers excellent corrosion resistance, and the curved shape ensures smooth and precise cutting. The knife’s overall design is streamlined and minimalistic, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate simple yet elegant aesthetics.

Blade Type and Locking Mechanism

The CRKT Obake comes with a locking mechanism that ensures safety and secure use. The knife features a liner lock, which securely locks the blade in place when opened and makes sure it doesn’t accidently open during usage. The liner lock is easy to use and offers a strong grip, providing extra peace of mind when handling the knife.


Portability and Size

Being a pocket knife, portability is crucial for its users. The CRKT Obake is compact and lightweight, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry. The pocket clip on the handle allows easy attachment to any pocket or belt, enabling quick access when needed. Its small size also makes it convenient for travel, but the knife’s robust build ensures that it’s still sturdy and reliable, even in hard use.

Maintenance and Lifespan

To maintain the CRKT Obake’s functionality and appearance, it’s essential to follow proper cleaning and maintenance procedures. After use, wipe the knife clean and apply a small amount of oil to prevent rust, and periodically sharpen the blade with a fine sharpening stone. By doing so, you can extend the knife’s lifespan and keep it looking new for longer. The VG-10 steel used in the blade is known for its durability and resistance to wear, adding to the knife’s overall lifespan.



What is the CRKT Obake designed for?

The CRKT Obake is designed as a pocket knife built for everyday use. It features a reliable blade and practical locking mechanism, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from everyday cutting to small repairs and outdoor activities. Its compact size and lightweight make it a versatile tool that can easily fit into any pocket or backpack.

The CRKT Obake is perfect for individuals who require a reliable, easy-to-carry pocket knife for everyday use. Its sleek design, durable materials, and practical features make it an excellent choice for various applications, making it an ideal option for people who need a versatile pocket knife for their everyday activities.


Which materials is the CRKT Obake made from?

The CRKT Obake is made from a combination of durable materials for optimal performance and durability. The pocket knife’s handle is made of G10, a high-strength fiberglass composite material known for its resilience and long-lasting properties. The blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, offering excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and durability. The steel also has a good balance of hardness and flexibility, making it suitable for various tasks like cutting and slicing.

The combination of G10 for the handle and 8Cr13MoV stainless steel for the blade ensures that the CRKT Obake is a durable, long-lasting pocket knife that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The materials used are resistant to corrosion, making the knife ideal for outdoor activities in different environments.

How does the CRKT Obake lock to prevent accidental opening?

The CRKT Obake features a locking mechanism that ensures safety while in use. It uses a liner lock mechanism, which is a popular choice for pocket knives due to its ease of use and reliability. The liner lock is located on the blade’s interior, and when the knife is closed, it blocks the blade from opening accidentally. This makes the knife safer to handle, especially when it’s in your pocket or backpack.

The locking mechanism on the CRKT Obake is easy to operate, and it locks securely in place when the knife is closed. This feature ensures that the pocket knife is safe when carried or stored, reducing the risk of accidental injury or damage to nearby objects. Additionally, the liner lock is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance.


What are the dimensions of the CRKT Obake?

The CRKT Obake has a total length of 7.7 inches (19.5 cm), with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.8 cm). The handle measures 4.6 inches (11.7 cm) in length, making it a comfortable size to hold and use. The pocket knife also features a slim and compact design, allowing it to easily fit into pockets or backpacks without taking up too much space.

The dimensions of the CRKT Obake make it a practical and convenient tool for everyday use. Its slim profile ensures that it takes up minimal space, while its compact size allows for easy storage and portability. The dimensions also make it comfortable to handle and use, providing a good balance of size and ergonomics.

Is the CRKT Obake easy to maintain and clean?

Yes, the CRKT Obake is easy to maintain and clean. Its stainless steel blade is resistant to corrosion, meaning you don’t have to worry about rust or tarnish, and the G10 handle is also resistant to wear. To maintain the blade’s edge, simply use a sharpener or stone to sharpen it as needed. Regular cleaning with a cloth or brush can help keep the knife in good condition and maintain its appearance.

Additionally, the CRKT Obake is designed with easy-to-access components, making it convenient to clean and maintain. The knife’s parts can be separated for cleaning, ensuring that any dirt, debris, or residue is removed effectively. To clean the knife, simply wipe it down with a cloth or brush, and apply a thin layer of oil or lubricant to keep the blade and lock mechanism functioning smoothly.

Where can I purchase the CRKT Obake pocket knife?

The CRKT Obake is available for purchase from various online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. You can find it on popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and other specialty retail websites. It is also available in sports and outdoor stores, as well as some department stores. Make sure to research and compare prices from different sellers to ensure you’re getting the best deal for the CRKT Obake pocket knife.

Additionally, you can check the CRKT official website or their authorized dealers for the latest information on purchasing the CRKT Obake pocket knife. These sources should provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on availability, pricing, and other purchase-related details. As always, ensure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer to ensure you’re getting an authentic CRKT Obake pocket knife.

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